Math Challenges


Mensa Kids Trek Math Challenges
To Be Arranged
Huntsville Public Library auditorium

Mensa Kids Trek is Free, Open to the Public, and Geared for All Ages.
Children MUST have adult partners.


Contact information:

Martha Williams,


North Alabama Mensa Kids Trek Mathematical Challenges 2016

   Right to Left: Larry Hill, Manager of Publix Groceries     TWO BRAVE YOUNG LADIES WITH RICHARD PARKER     The intensity of recalling digits of pi and
   on Whitesburg Drive, Huntsville, brought hot apple                                                                                                    the enjoyment of discovering probabilities.
   pies, Frizbees, activity books, and pencils, and
   assisted with the math activities.
   Eric Hawkes wrote and recited 102 digits of pi for the
   first-place winner position.
   Jeanne Cline won second place with 80 digits of pi.