Mensa Kids Trek

Welcome to North Alabama Mensa Kids Trek.
Please visit the Mensa Kids Trek Calendar page.
All Mensa Kids Trek events except Chemistry Night are on hold.
Please check out Chemistry Night at Oakwood College,
over 30 years of free, hands-on, authentic chemistry experiments.
Parents MUST stay with children. Open to the public.

Contact information:

Martha Williams,


Education is the kindling of a flame,

not the filling of a vessel.


Wally Stenberg and Participants
during Mensa Kids Trek Architecture Day, August 2012


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     and about ways students
     can improve their academic
     and creative-thinking abilities.


     Contact Martha Williams,
     if you have questions or would like to
     volunteer your time and talents in
     North Alabama Mensa Kids.

Statement of Purpose of North Alabama Mensa Kids Trek
It is our belief that individuals who find areas of interest
and who receive opportunities and support become self-motivated learners.
It is our belief that self-motivated learning unlocks the door to the development of intelligence.

The purposes of Mensa are:

     to identify and foster human intelligence for the benefit of humanity;

     to encourage research into the nature, characteristics, and uses of intelligence; and

     to provide a stimulating intellectual and social environment for its members. 

Therefore, it is our belief that by creating a wide spectrum of frequent opportunities for exploration of potential talents, Mensa may enable individuals to determine their forte.  Therefore, it is our belief that the North Alabama Mensa's Gifted Children program should consist of a two-part system as follows:

A wide variety of programs open to all children up to age 18 who show avid interest in the topics and who have accompanying adult support.

Special interest groups for children up to age 18 who demonstrate exceptional ability and who have continuing adult support.

For information about other opportunities for families of gifted children, please visit the following websites:

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